The registration desk will be open at Lecture Hall 100, Engineering Building, Shanghai Jiao Tong university.

The opening time is 3:00pm to 7:00pm, May 6 / 7:30 am to 11:30 am, May 7-11.

Click here for registration. Following this link, you will be redirected to the web site that provides a platform for secured payments. Please follow instructions for registration below.

When applying for visa letter, please send email to Registration Chair Prof. Yiyin Wang and a copy to General Vice Chair Prof. Bo Yang with the following information:

1) Full Name
2) Affiliation and address
3) Nationality
4) Passport number
5) Paper information (Paper ID and title)


To guarantee publication of a WiOpt paper, at least one author should be registered at Regular rate and present the work at the conference.

Please note that registration is mandatory to upload the camera-ready version after acceptance.

Each paper in the main conference must have at least one Regular registration (3-day or 5-day), even if the only attendee is a student. Each Regular registration (3-day or 5-day) can be used to cover 3 papers (including workshop papers). Each Workshop paper must have either a Regular 5-day registration, or a Regular Workshops/Tutorials Only registration. Each Regular Workshops/Tutorials Only registration can be used to cover at most 3 workshop papers.

Admission to the banquet is only allowed for 5-day registrations.

5-day registrations, Regular and Student, give access to all the workshops/tutorials.


Instructions for registration

  • On the registration site, you login the EDAS system using your account.
  • Find WiOpt'18 near the end of the list of conferences open for registration. Either click Register self or Register others. If you click Register others to register new person, you need to provide name, EDAS ID or email address about the new person.
  • Please read the description for the registration options and choose the correct one. By clicking on Register for the correct option, your registration option will show at the bottom of the website. Click credit card icon for payment. You can give details for the invoice and proceed with the online payment.
  • Once your payment is successful, you can check your invoice by clicking invoice icon for showing registration invoice.

Registration fees (in USD)

Registration until 30th March 2018 Regular Student
Workshops/Tutorials (1 day) 190 80
Conference (3 days) 480 200
Workshops/Tutorials + Conference (5 days) 580 250
Registration after 30th March 2018 Regular Student
Workshops/Tutorials (1 day) 230 100
Conference (3 days) 580 250
Workshops/Tutorials + Conference (5 days) 680 300
Banquet(May 9th) 100 100

Student Grants

WiOpt 2018 will provide several travel grants for students presenting their work at the conference. This is possible due to the general support from the WiOpt 2017 (Paris) organizing committee. Here are the conditions to be eligible:

1) The candidate must be registered in a higher education institution as "student".

2) The candidate must be the co-author of at least one accepted paper in WiOpt 2018 or in one of the workshops of WiOpt 2018.

3) The candidate must attend the conference.

4) The candidate must present the work of at least one accepted paper for which he/she is co-author.

In order to apply, please send a file to and containing: 1) A CV, 2) A recommendation letter from the supervisor, 3) The list of accepted papers in WiOpt 2018 or workshops. The application deadline is March 30, 2018.

The allocation of the grant will be based on the quality of the CV, of the recommendation letter and will try to favour institutions seldom represented in WiOpt and women.

The final grant will be allocated based on justifications for the conditions 1-4 above and the presentation of banking account informations.

Technical Sponsors